A for Arizona Launches Statewide Expansion Fund With Generous Support From The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation.

A for Arizona is proud to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind, statewide expansion fund to support the growth of Arizona’s highest quality district, magnet and charter schools, especially those serving low-income communities. The campaign is being jump started by a $1 million matching grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation – the match opportunity will run through December 31.

“By rewarding top performers, A for Arizona is raising the standard for public education in our state,” said American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons. “Too often children in low-income areas are not provided with an opportunity to achieve their full academic potential. The expansion fund is specifically designed to reach these students by supporting educational excellence in underserved communities.”

Arizona is home to many excellent schools with educators who believe every student can learn. However, not all students have access to a high-quality public school option. A for Arizona’s Expansion Fund will fast-track the replication of ‘A’-rated schools so that Arizona can more quickly close the achievement gap for all students.

“Educational improvements are happening, but too many students still do not have excelling schools in their neighborhoods. The Expansion Fund is designed to accelerate the growth plans of high-quality facilities in low-income communities by awarding targeted grants to ‘A’-rated schools,” said Emily Anne Gullickson, A for Arizona Executive Director. “We are grateful to have Bob and Renee’s support. Their investment will help us serve even more students in some of our most at-need communities, and do so at a rapid pace.”

In addition to the $1 million match, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation granted $250,000 to A for Arizona to support staffing and development during the crucial first phase of the Expansion Fund. A longtime supporter of the organization, the recent grants bring the Foundation’s total support of A for Arizona to more than $1.7 million.

“A quality education is a critical component in the fight against poverty,” said businesswoman and philanthropist Renee Parsons. “A for Arizona is making it possible for children in disadvantaged communities to access the educational tools necessary to begin building a better future for themselves and their families.”

Any ‘A’-rated public school in Arizona will be eligible to apply to receive a grant from the A for Arizona Expansion Fund, but priority will be given to applicants showing demonstrated need, including expansion into high poverty communities, parent demand and lack of quality school options in targeted neighborhoods. A for Arizona will begin accepting applications from interested schools this October. Learn more about A for Arizona’s Expansion Fund at AforAZ.org/Expansion-Fund and follow the progress of the Expansion Fund on A for Arizona’s social media channels: facebook.com/AforArizona and twitter.com/AforAZ.